Calling America’s GURU.

hello usa guru

What is the Function of the Sad Guru or the Great Teacher? If you could pinpoint the “still, small, voice” of God in your Turiya state, then you wouldn’t need a Guru or a Messiah. The word “Moses” comes from the Proto-Indo-European word Mukti or Moksha meaning freedom. Freedom from ignorance. Freedom from the false sense of self. Freedom from ego consciousness. Jesus is the Greater Moses because “Messiah” literally means Moses.

Imagine if you will that you have heard of some place wonderful, such as: Heaven, the Garden of Eden, Nirvana, Enlightenment, Samadhi, the list goes on. You want to get there but you don’t know how so you call a Guru and you just happen to call a real guru the first time, not a false Christ or a false prophet. Continue imagining that the conversation goes something like this:

“Hello, USA Guru?”


“I want to get to Enlightenment right now.”

“Okay, where are you?”

“I don’t know. Where am I?”

“You are trapped in Ego-Consciousness.”

“No, that doesn’t sound right, I have a very strong spiritual instinct.”

“Oh, Good, then you don’t need me, buh-bye.”

“No, Wait, wait…” (sigh) “Where should I go, what should I do.”

“Turn 90 degrees to your right and step foreword with your right foot.”

“I can’t, there is a wall there.”

“I told you to step, I didn’t tell you to look or think. When you are in Ego-Consciousness you don’t see anything clearly.”

“That just sounds crazy…Oh, Snap! Whaaaat?”

“What are you seeing now?”

“I did what you told me and the wall was just an illusion, it looked real as shit, bricks and everything. I walked through it and now I am in a dark space. Everything is echoing. My voice is echoing and the click of my shoes is echoing. Where am I?”

“You are in the abyss, do you see a light?”

“Yeah, I see one window with a bluish light shining through it.”

“Good, stand in the light and close your eyes. Tell me what you see. What is your perfect happiness?”

“I see myself with my son, being a good father to him and helping him grow up. I see myself with a good job. I have job security and I am gainfully employed. I am understood, supported, and loved by my community. I have a good reputation. I help people do their will and they help me do my will.”

“That is beautiful, I want you to hold that image in your mind and that feeling in your heart all of the time. That is your lingayat, your shivalingam. Whenever you don’t know what to do, when you are confronted with conflict or confusion, remember this moment and let the light of your future success shine on you like a beacon leading you toward your desired future.”

“Damn, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t crying a little right now.”

“Everything will be okay as long as you stay on your path.”

“My path?”

“Yes, your path. You couldn’t get where you needed to go because you were trying to escape yourself. You were looking for something different, something alien or exotic. You can’t get where you want to go from where you thought you were. If I had given you directions from where you thought you were you would never have gotten to where you want to go. You would have ended up at 7/11 or a marijuana collective. I am not one of the Fruity Spiritualists that will tell you what you want to hear. Your own life is good and special and everybody’s path is different but in the end it all leads to the same destination.”

“Wow, thanks, brother I owe you a solid.”

“No one in ego consciousness can offer anything of value to the Sad Guru. Only when you cross the abyss will you know how to please the Great Teacher.”

“I will remember that.”

“No, remember your vision of your, son. You can’t take the next step until you have taken the first step.”

“Man, that’s deep.”

“Yeah, that’s how I roll.”



“Hello? Hello? Damn…”

The wall is there again. The dark room, the window, and the light have disappeared. The weight of the mundane world comes crashing down on you again. So, what is real? What path will you choose? Do you believe in yourself? Do you genuinely love yourself? Will your soul walk that cramped and narrow path? Or, will you allow yourself to be distracted by the broad and spacious road? Do you think you can walk in two different directions at the same time?


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