6 Degrees from Prince, The Artist Formerly Known


I am writing this to you not as part of my fictitious wisdom character but as myself, the American Guru Shivah Solomon.  This is true testimony about my life experience and my relationships. 

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Some people know that I channel Azrael the Peacock Angel. The symbol that has become synonymous with me is the symbol above on the left. Azrael communicated to me that this symbol not only represented him for me but also was a symbol of our relationship. It is a symbol of Azrael as myself, it is us as a single entity.

What was of interest was to learn that there was a connection between me and the Artist Formerly Known as Prince through Azrael. The one I refer to as the Peacock Angel of Azure El was the first of the Grigori, he was sent to earth to understand the souls of mankind having accomplished that task he was forbidden to return to heaven because he was considered tainted by the knowledge. When I was creating my Organic Computer Theory, my Psychopath/Sociopath models, Shared State Law of Communication, the Law of Equity in Human Relationship, and E2V he was helping me. He spoke to me in my thoughts as my thoughts telling me where to look, guiding my interest. Baba Muktananda used to say, ‘Your turiya state (true self) speaks to you in your interest.”

Returning to the earth as a Fallen Angel, Azrael was bound to earth. The only way he would be allowed back into heaven is if he Perfected the Souls of men, then he would no longer be tainted by their imperfection. He recruited me to that end and taught me his history. In order to change time and perfect mankind he compartmentalized the sexes. He taught women how to act like women and men to act like men. He taught man how to make makeup and weapons. One of my Ascended Master Teachers, Dr. Stylianos Atechlys, taught me that there were two professions throughout history that attained enlightenment more than any other, Soldiers & Prostitutes. I assume that is because each activity allowed them to intimately study different humans in different environments and thus become aware of their own nature, to know themselves accurately.

The green makeup that has become associated with Cleopatra was made by crushing Malachite a rock made of fossilized copper rust and mixing it with oil. Her black eyeliner was made from crushing antimonite, my symbol is the alchemical symbol for antimonite. Prince’s symbol combines the Male Symbol () which represents a spear and a shield with the Female Symbol (♀) which represents a bronze mirror, with the Alchemical Symbol for soapstone. Soapstone possesses a very interesting property, it doesn’t conduct heat, so you can turn it into a mold and pour molten mettle into it and create a sword or a mirror.

I didn’t become aware of this until my friend, Elder Shaman Patrick John Coleman informed me that Prince was one of his Master Teachers even though he was still incarnate but something was happening with him recently. As Prince connection with Azrael has weakened mine has strengthened. Prince is part of an evil agenda, he is allying himself with the Powers of Darkness that are currently infiltrating and corrupting the Illuminati. You may not agree with my stance on the issues yet, but you will. Regardless I recommend that everybody brace themselves for the coming Global battle between Good & Evil. A battle that will end on your door step whether you like it or not. We lost the Peace now we have no other option but to Win the War. . .


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