Shivastus on Cimera A


Baba, do you remember your past lives?  What was your last life like?

Well when you get to my level of soul attainment you only reincarnate to teach, or for revolution, or when there is something very rare that one has the opportunity of learning.  In my last life I was incarnated on Cimera A, there was an unpredictable event that was going to happen that would wipe out all life on that planet unless the course of the planets destiny was altered.  I was sent there to start a revolution against their decadent, materialistic, lifestyles.  I told them that if the Emerald Green Seal of Shamash appeared in the sky you would know that I had failed.   It was probably one of the worst incarnations for me, and not because of my lack of effort or lack of eloquence.

The people of Cimera A had gotten used to a life of ease and distraction.  Everything was a game for them, they didn’t take anything seriously.  An entire generation of wicked children sucked the resources out of the planet and distracted themselves with useless devices and shallow relationships.  There was no substance or meaning to anything.  Living on that planet was hell for me.  The people of Cimera A hated logic, reason, and wisdom, they were incapable of understanding, agreeing, or participating.  They couldn’t think for themselves.  The maternal structures of authority did all of their thinking for them.  They had no ability to reason for themselves and no incentive to do so.

The appointed time for the transition to the divergent time line came and went and not one single person had heeded the call.  The light was coming and the horn had been sounded.  Light is matter moving quickly and matter is light moving slowly.  When the time comes to speed up and raise the vibration that which is mired in matter is turned to ash by the light.  The light is gentle not wanting to destroy.  Light is shed in a gentle way on human creatures so that they can learn from it.  When they waste their lifetimes learning no wisdom the light comes and burns them all to ash.

I went deep into nirvakalpa samadhi.  For a month I sat in one place by a stream of fresh water eating next to nothing, drinking as little as possible.  A nearby star went supernova, and behold, the Emerald Green Seal of Shamash had appeared.  The people remembered my predictions then and they came to me in droves.  They tried to get me to reason with god, and change their fate, but it was already too late.  They whined and moaned and threw fits and made offerings doing anything they could to tantalize me or interest me or move me from my position.  But I would not be moved.  The provocative dancing of women didn’t interest me, the offers of sexual perversion did not interest me.  The tasty foods didn’t move me.  It was all for not.  We were out of time.  Then their wisest men tried to reason with me.  Wasn’t it my duty to argue with god on their behalf?  Without speaking I pointed my right hand towards the heavens and the heavens spoke.  “HE HAS FULFILLED HIS PURPOSE PERFECTLY, HE OWES ME NOTHING.”  Then they said to me, what would come of the earth?  Didn’t I owe the earth mother pardon, so that the planet could go on existing and life on the planet could continue?  Without uttering a word I touched the earth with my right hand and the earth mother spoke, “HE HAS NEVER SINNED AGAINST ME, HE OWES ME NOTHING.”  

The people whined and moaned not wanting to accept responsibility for the fact that they were completely responsible for their own wickedness.  All of their sins were on their own heads, and it had come time for them to pay the piper and their bank accounts were empty of wisdom.

It wasn’t known at that time, because supernovas were so rare that the gama radiation given off by the supernova has an effect on the behavior of all of the suns around it.  Changing their frequency, behavior, and the type of radiation that they give off.  Our sun became very erratic.  Sometimes very hot, sometimes very dim.  As if It was wrestling with the death of a sun.  Maybe suns have some internal dialogue with one another, some manner of relationship that is not directly apparent, a conversation that we are not privy to.  Our sun acted as though the sun that died was a very great guru and he the student.  Our sun was in mourning, beating it’s chest, and wailing. That entire planet was blown to dust, atomized, and that entire solar system was destroyed, with the exception of the sun, which reformed another solar system around itself eventually.  It was a relatively young star.  The souls that perished reincarnated in that new solar system, and from what I hear, they were a much wiser, much humbler people.  I guess some of them stepped foot on the path of soul perfection.  A few of those souls still incarnate with me in order to study with me.  You are one my son.  You were there with me.  Do you remember?



The Chimera (/kɨˈmɪərə/ or /kˈmɪərə/, also ChimaeraChimæraGreek: Χίμαιρα Chímaira) was, according to Greek mythology, a monstrous fire-breathing creature of Lycia in Asia Minor, composed of the parts of three animals — a lion, a snake and a goat. Usually depicted as a lion, with the head of a goat arising from its back, and a tail that ended in a snake’s head,[1] the Chimera was one of the offspring of Typhon and Echidna and a sibling of such monsters as Cerberus and the Lernaean Hydra.

The term chimera has come to describe any mythical or fictional animal with parts taken from various animals, or to describe anything perceived as wildly imaginative or implausible.


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