The Sermon Under the Tree (The Chan Tao or Zendo Sutra)(The Janaka or the Jnana Upanishad)


Hello, Seekers after Truth, this is Noah Socrates speaking, what we have for you today is perhaps the most brilliant deconstruction of history, mind and the explanation of doctrine of the Zed civilization created by my beloved master, Shivastus Solomonicus.  Because he rationalized so many philosophic and occult philosophies with one another he was known by many titles and he had students from every religion and walk of life.  Please enjoy this profound Mind Sutra from the Shivastus Upanishads of the Corpus Solomonicus.  


1.  Maha Jagad Guru, what is the Philosophy of Mind?

2. The mind exists in 3 parts, the Holy Trinity of the human psyche, the Tresante Trinosophia, tripura sundari.  In India it is the Sattvic, Rajasic, and the Tamasic, in ancient Greece they were the Philosopher Kings, the Guardians or Warrior Priests, and the Slaves.  In Christianity they are the Father, the Mother, and the Son.  In society they are Sapiential Authority, Moral Authority, and Coercive Authority.  In the human body they are reason, sentiment, and action.  In psychology they are Super-ego, ego, and id.


1.  Daskalos, in what spirit was the word “slaves” used?

2. Slaves were non citizens that were incapable of raising themselves to the level necessary for citizenry due to an inability to understand and practice the law in the form of philosophy.  They were incapable of sustaining themselves in society in the form of contributing more value to society than they take from society.  They were moral inferiors like bankers, corporations, and the like that destroyed the fabric of society and perverted and corrupted the nature of society for profit and acquisition.  3.  They didn’t have the ability to control themselves or discipline themselves and so they needed a patron to protect them from themselves and society and to guide them and teach them.  Sometimes they were capable of becoming citizens sometimes they weren’t.  Also if a person got into debt they could sell themselves into slavery until they were capable of paying off their debt, this was indentured servitude.


1.  Master Teacher, how is Sapiential Authority different from Moral Authority and which is superior?

2.  Sapiential Authority is the authority of  Wisdom and it is the source of all Authority, it is god self, Reason in man.  Moral Authority is subordinate to Sapiential Authority and inferior to it because it is dependent on it.  Moral Authority is the Authority of pleasantness, mercy, and charity, it is the authority of the mother over the child.  It is an up down relationship between an inferior and a subordinate. The mother principle can only be merciful and charitable to the child out of the surplus created by the father principle.  Which depends on the survival and success of the relationship and the surplus created thereby.   3. Sapiential Authority knows what is necessary for success in the endeavor and what needs to be accomplished, so it has already incorporated  Moral Authority.  But Sapiential Authority is also aware of the threats to survival, and the actions necessary for survival, and the participation mandatory by id and ego to continue succeeding and surviving.  Sapiential Authority knows what id and ego must sacrifice or accomplish for the success of the relationship, this is the essence of the Law.


1.  Dorje Shugden, why was Buddha afraid that including women in the clergy would corrupt his teaching and that Buddhism would only exist in it’s uncorrupted state for 500 years after the inclusion of women?

2.  If the Buddha was alive today, the same people that worship him would consider him a dead beat dad and a misogynist.  Buddha understood the way in which the female principle thinks.   In order to be considered rational you have to be consistently rational.  Women are naturally fickle, emotional creatures.  In the Ramayana and in the Garden of Eden the fall was caused in both cases by the fickle nature of women and their inability to obey the mandate of reason and to fulfill one’s function happily without protest, without trying to increase their position without merit.  3.  The female mind was created to deal with the child’s mind, which is deluded and emotional, a child is not capable of being purely logical and rational.  They start off as emotional objects completely incapable of dealing with reality.  From the perspective of the mother emotions are valid and they have to be for the survival of the species because babies are only emotional.  The mother protects the child from responsibility, and consequences, and the world.  From the feminine perspective emotions and emotional thinking are valid because she is in relationship with her own authority.  4. In the absence of the presence of the child the woman’s emotions replace the child, her emotional reasoning, sympathy.  Women try to expand and increase feminine authority because they are natural social climbers.  From the perspective of the woman Moral Authority is the highest and only reason.  But women naturally edit their consideration sets to exclude ugly, necessary, things that they don’t want to think about.  5.  Men do not feel that their value is increased by being a man and they feel no loyalty to masculinity.  If you let one woman into your organization it might not be a problem because they know that they will have to follow the group and women follow the herd before they follow the dictates of reason.  But if you let two women into your organization one of them will argue against reason and the other will take her side and say that she is being reasonable.  Women don’t reason so much as they rationalize.  Often times women are more dangerous to the people that they are in relationship with than a powerful enemy, because they cause the corruption and perversion of the processes that are good in the name of mercy, charity, and forgiveness for the purpose of expanding and increasing their own influence at the expense of blocking the Authority of Reason .


1.  Master Teacher, why is it that the apostles were jealous of the attention given Mary Magdalene and why did Jesus say he would turn her into a man?

2.Notice that Jesus did not disagree with them about their perspective on women.   In that day it was believed that women didn’t have souls and they couldn’t get into heaven unless they were married and they pleased their husbands which is to say obeyed them.  The reason they don’t have souls is because they weren’t capable of being reasonable which means to be a philosopher.  Only a philosopher has a soul, and his philosophy is his soul and his philosophy is known not concealed and it informs his behavior.  3.  He turned her into a man by making her rational, therefore she was worthy of heaven based on her own merit.  We know he succeeded because the bible says that he removed 7 demons from her.  This means that he purified her 7 chakras, the last of which is samadhi the death of the ego.  Which means that she attained to super ego.  Scholars have made assumptions that her 7 demons were unique to her and that nobody else had 7 demons, so something was wrong with her, when in reality she was the true guru chela of the christ.  4.  Of further interest is that she moved to France and started teaching, 9 of her students started the Knights Templar, who became the Freemasons, and both organizations were men only organizations, so apparently she herself was mistrustful of femininity.



2.  Again it comes back to the same subject.  Ancient people were much more knowledgeable about relationship not being distracted as we are today with work, propaganda, technology, and our superficial relationships.  Philosophy the study and the praxis (practice or processes) of the Law was the highest and best that one could attain to.  It became very obvious that certain people weren’t interested or capable of attaining to being human beings, homo sapiens, wise man.  Remember that the Jews Hellenized and absorbed the traditions of the early Greek philosophers.  3. Kosher law it was concerned not only with physical pureness but psychological cleanliness.  In ancient Greece it was thought that Hysteria was caused by a woman’s uterus wandering around her body and causing her to have humors (mood swings).   Women became emotional around their period and this is why they were unclean, just as when a warrior killed in battle he had to sit Shiva for 7 days before he was allowed back into the city, this was also psychological cleanliness because they were aware of post traumatic stress.   Their definition of slaves was the same as we discussed.  The reason for not being a Gentile was that they also had no recognition of the Law and no interest in studying it or practicing it.


1.  Mullah Mawlaw’īyya, we in Islam do not have a problem understanding what you are teaching, why is it that it is so difficult for the Western mind to conceive of?  

2.  That is a deep question and it might take some time to answer.  When survival is hard masculine values are dominant.  When survival is easy feminine values are dominant.  Sharia law is essentially military law applied to a civilian population.  This is why Muslims don’t discriminate between attacking military and civilian targets because they don’t distinguish between them.  The citizenry is responsible for the action of the military from their perspective.  3.  In your organization women are not allowed to be passive aggressive.  They have to fulfill their function happily, without any covert hostility.  Women will fly in the face of reason if allowed to do so.  They think that they are using passive resistance when they are being passively aggressive.  Women recognize reason as a foreign hostile will and it feeds their ego to think that they are above the Law.  4.  When times are hard the man leads and the woman follows, and the fast cow is the desirable cow.  When times are easy women indulge their mental and emotional diseases.  When times are easy women are decadent and wasteful, they compete with other women to see who can flaunt their debauchery the best, you have a land full of sacred cows and white elephants.  5.  The fall of America was based on it’s not understanding the female mind and protecting itself from the processes of the female mind.  America fell from grace because of an excess of femininity.  As civilization moved west from India (proto-indo-european) it became increasingly more feminine.  The Knights Templar, the first Champions of femininity (courtly love), the source of Civilization, conquered nature for women.  They created an environment pleasant for women by men an unnatural environment.  6.Because of the way the female principle thinks it presupposes the the current environment and desires more forgetting how this environment was created and by who and not considering factors outside it’s own desires.  7.  Whereas the Catholic Church blames women for the sexual urge, America was founded by Puritans that rebelled against Catholicism, and blamed men.  Men became the cause of all bad and the object of all blame and it wasn’t possible to scrutinize, criticize or control women.  All of the strictures that protected society form feminine processes were removed, creating the slow decay of the form of the good.  8.  Women selected their own mates without the input of their families or matchmakers and they chose men that were weaker or stupider than themselves.  They bred for men they could control and men that would follow.  Men became drones.  9.  In harder times marriage had been a business contract or a property contract, now marriage was about love defined from a feminine perspective not the Agape, Eros, Philia, and Storge of the Greeks but based on the arbitrary whim of women.  Which means that the relationship was about women and for their benefit.  Now women were the tyrants of relationship threatening to get divorces if the men didn’t do as the women pleased.  Misrepresenting the father to the children and protecting the children from the influence of the fathers wisdom.  Women got all of the benefits of the relationship without any of the responsibilities.  10.  The (rites of passage) passage into adulthood that marked the end of the authority of the mother was done away with and so the children never came under the authority of the father.  The mother doesn’t just protect the child she also protects the child’s delusions which is a necessary evil when they are children but an abomination when they grow up.  11.  An entire generation of psychopaths with no love of reason or respect of wisdom was created.  They thought only of themselves and indulged themselves in their perversions and mental and emotional diseases, living the easy life.  They had never come under the authority of the father principle and made functional members of society.  The Western Mind became more and more feminine to its own detriment, unable to see its way out of the predicament it had created for itself.  Like rats on the ocean after a ship had sunk all they could do was climb on top of one another to be the last one to drown.


1.  Professor Emeritus, could you please describe the psychological forces that precipitated the downfall of Western Civilization?

2.  There are essentially three patterns that can be created by any action, neutral, psychopathic or female, and sociopathic or male.  Assuming that one is in a good state one would want to create neutral patterns, which is the most wise, nothing would change without reason, but assuming one is not in a good or wise state one would use the pattern that would return things to the form of the good.  The problem comes do to the qualities of the female principle that once feminine strategies have been instituted they are not likely to be removed or reversed.


3.  America being the champion of femininity created only feminine/psychopathic patterns.  Confident of it’s own goodness it also tried to force these values on everyone else.  There is a correlation between Capitalism and the feminine principle in that psychopaths always use other people’s resources first before using their own.  This is known as the tragedy of the commons.  4.  America created wealth by success of it’s virtues and values but the people that squandered that wealth were not the people that created it, just as the wife likes to spend the money of her husband.  Just as women do the psychopaths presupposed the current state of affairs assuming that things would never change and would always get better.  5.  The feminine principle, in relationship with its authority, thinks in terms of up down vertical relationships between superiors and inferiors instead of horizontal relationships between wise men, which is the nature of democracy.  Structures of authority get their authority be extracting it from the people whose thinking they do for them.  Structures of authority essentially extract responsibility and god from the individual.  6. Every time you create a new law or structure of authority or lobby it extracts more god from people.  it does more of their thinking for them and makes them less responsible.  Mothers and structures of authority, being in relationship with their authority and thereby in relationship with those that participate with their authority because of the social climbing nature of the feminine principle to expand and increase its authority and thereby its statue, are in relationship with those that participate with their authority, and those that do not recognize or participate with their authority are their natural enemies.  7.  The problem arises in that a domesticated animal while gentle and trusting is also a stupid animal, incapable of protecting itself in a natural wild environment.  As more structures of authority are created and compete with each other for more control of the citizens and more of their attention society gets proportionately stupider.  They become weak in mind, body, and spirit.  


8.  The reason that this happens, and the ancients knew this, is because the feminine principle left unchecked is stagnant.  It is represented by fecundated water, swamp water, stagnant water.  The reason a witch can’t cross running water is because it is fresh.  The same reason Muslims don’t eat anything that has been fermented because it represents the corrupt feminine principle, stasis, stagnation.


9.  What the ancients knew is that the female principle gravitates downward, it is lazy, it takes the easy path.  Water and earth were represented by downward pointing triangles because of their slowness.  The male principle, represented by upward pointing triangles, levitates, it rises above and overcomes, so air and fire are represented by upward pointing triangles.  Stagnant water can be made potable again but it has to go through the fire to remove the impurities and pollution there in.



1.  Sifu, who compartmentalized the human mind into male and female and what is the proper relationship between the two?

2.  Azrael, or Azure el, the Angel of death.  He has blue skin like Shiva, he is the Peacock Angel, often times thought of as Lucifer.  He is also known by the title Melek Tausi, and he is the true ruler of this earth.  He is the source of all authority on this planet.  Life on this planet was not meant to be easy, it was meant to be a testing ground for theurgy, which is the manner of making oneself like god, perfecting the soul.


3.  The prodigal son in the scriptures was restored to his position because he had learned his lessons on earth.  He represents the soul returning to its heavenly father.  The reason that man is over the angels is because we have free will and in having free will we can be more like god and understand god better than can the angels.  The son that never left (the angels) was upset that the prodigal son was treated so well.  4.  Azrael compartmentalized the male and female mind by teaching man how to make weapons and make up.  Sluts and soldiers, a very successful combination, that salt of the earth really.  The Salty sailor salaciously solicited the sleazy slut.


Greetings students of the Mysteries, I wish to tell you at this time that Shivastus would often make inside jokes that seemed very off-puting in order to test the metal of his chelas.  He never did anything without a reason and here he recited a little limerick that was pointing at the etymologies of the word “salt”  and a reference to the words that had been derived from it and the connotations of the word “salt”.  Soldiers were paid a Salary and sometimes they were actually paid in salt.  Shivastus didn’t want students that couldn’t handle the truth and he would intentionally try to offend them.  He didn’t want disciples that tried to lead with their issues and control what he taught them by being thin-skinned and easily offended.  The alchemical symbol that you see above is that of Antimonite, antimony, which translates to, “Not Alone”.  The distinctive eye make up of the Egyptians was made by crushing antimonite with a mortar and pestal mixing it with oil.  I hope that you will continue enjoying the conclusion of this riveting Jnana Upanishad. 


5.  Human animals that haven’t attained to enlightenment or reason are very predictable, they are essentially organic computers.  Human beings pass on cellular memory to their children, whatever thoughts, and actions they have repeated create neural myelination that is passed on through cellular memory.  Only the successful patterns are passed on, because if you didn’t survive you didn’t get to reproduce.  6.  Every creature that we are related to we still have the cellular memory and the neural myelination of that being alive within us.  Neural myelination is like grooves in the road.  If you are unconsciously being then your life is like a cart driving through a village and it is stuck in the grooves in the road.  You can think you are unpredictable but unless you are aware of the logical fallacies and the cognitive biases you can’t break pattern in a positive way.  7.  Stupid people think they are unpredictable because of their ability to do evil and it is because of their willingness to do evil that they are predictable.  It is far easier to do evil on this planet than it is to do good.  Because people don’t want to grow, understand, listen, agree, and participate.  People come together slowly to do good but quickly to do evil.  It is though the earth was created as an enriched environment of failure.  8.  Compartmentalizing the scope of the sexes was successful because men whose nature was not good for babies was good for the state, and policy, and police, and politics, it was good for understanding one’s neighbors and enemies and knowing what patterns were good and which bad.  9.  The woman got to confine her attention to the oikos (house) and she got to think about the things she enjoyed doing that she was good at, where her judgments got good results.


10.  The early philosophers, in their attempt to understand and describe the universe posited that their was a causal world outside of time that was the passive cause of everything that happened in this world.  They referred to that cause as the “Prime mover unmoved”.  Just as when one sits in meditation in quiet contemplation making oneself like god, one does not move.  11.  Likewise god cannot move.  For god to move that would require the negation of godself, so anything that moves is not god.  The holy spirit, in the form of the shechinah, gods active force, was how he worked his will on the earth.  12.  Based on this model the roles of the sexes were created.  The man moved around in the outside world but upon entering the house he did not lift a finger and everything was done for him.  Husband and wife were not two different beings but two facets of one soul.  You will find in Helenic Astrology this same concept that the soul upon incarnating splits in two, male and female and must find itself but is not fully reunited with itself until it dies.  13.  Men and women were kept separate from one another not to protect women from men but to protect the finer aspects of men from women.  Men could study the Law in the form of Philosophy and associate with one another strengthening one another and sharing best practices.  14.  The proper relationship between a man and a woman should be like a sword and a sheath.  The sheath exists because of the blade for the blade. The sheath protects the blade.  At the same time the blade should be able to be pulled quickly from the sheath and put to use and the sheath should not cling to the blade or remove it’s edge when the sword is pulled.

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5 thoughts on “The Sermon Under the Tree (The Chan Tao or Zendo Sutra)(The Janaka or the Jnana Upanishad)

  1. This is pure gold! ….alchemical gold that is. Thank you, Shivastus Solomonicus. there is so much here that I can only throw out a few bones. Hopefully we can have the opportunity to discuss this at length another time. In VI: 4) I agree, except that I believe that in a true relationship as the Creator intended, that ALL is shared–the children, the money, the hard work, the joy, the pain, the working together to build something. The problem being that people Aren’t having honest and transparent relationships as true partners. Perhaps you disagree or that you do agree and are attempting to illicit a given response in the reader to contemplate their own actions? 🙂 You are quite clever, dear Joxua.
    In VI – 8: So interesting what you mention here in reference to Muslim thought regarding fermented food and the female principle. What’s ironic is that although fermented food is considered by them to be stagnant—fermented food actually has some of the highest “live and active” cultures in the food kingdom and is extremely beneficial to the body’s ability to extract and utilize nutrients from the food. Somehow connected to the whole “Be STILL and Know that I am God” principle. It is often when we are still, that we find spiritual richness and life through meditation, going within, etc. Also along, these lines–you have referred to the Gospel of Thomas 114 re: when Woman becomes a man in order to enter the Kingdom. I have been contemplating this passage for a few years now. I believe there are many applications to its relevance and love what you’ve brought to the stage here regarding women’s progression toward logic/reason – to think more like a man. Another application is the evolution of the Spirit which I can discuss with you another time as part of the Key of David. There is an Evolution of the female aspect of the Triune Godhead – in this case the Holy Spirit (Mother/Female principle). Interesting though here is to juxtapose this concept with 2 Cornithians 3:6 “…for the letter kills but the Spirit gives life” This seems to be an aberration from the Muslim concept of female stagnation/death. Any thoughts?
    VII sec 2: On the money–T.Y.
    VII sec 3: Please consider that angel’s do indeed have free will. Not only was there a great Fall from heaven (again many applications), but angels continue (in the present) to fall/ascend all the time-depending on their free will choices.
    VII sec. 4 🙂
    VII sec. 14- Love this description. I too believe that the woman was made for the man. It is my feeling that the original Adam was both male and female in one vessel and later the female principle extracted from his side (rib).

    Thank you for your refreshing perspective on all you have shared. 🙂

    • I will right more eventually on the gnostic concept of death. Angels can choose to rebel, but their jobs were not designed for free will, and their is nothing that they can learn from free will in fulfilling their functions. their is no soul growth possible. Angels are like computer programs, they are hardwired.

  2. Hmmmm, we’ll talk.:) My answer is yes this is true and respectfully no, not completely. (Yes, you are free to hack my thoughts into all kinds of little bits and pieces….I welcome that.) Perhaps you might give some regard to the idea that all creatures (people, animals, angels) are hard-wired to some extent, but all have free-will to one degree or another. I Peter 3:19, Christ preached to the spirits in chains (again several meanings per a previous conversation we had about ParDes, but one of which is the fallen angels). Would you suggest a reason to do this if there wasn’t a chance/reason for them make a decision and change. Free will exists even after death. Even after this life plane, (which btw, is NOT heaven contrary to the belief of many), people and angels can continue to fall/ascend. There is an evolution of the angels….. part of several eternities beyond this. I love your thoughts and again adore your sharing…

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