Out of Time
Greetings and salutations fellow truth seekers this is Noah Socrates speaking to you from the Akashic Library.  Many of you know that I had to return the book of all wisdom to the Akashic library while my guru Shivastus Solomonicus was on his deathbed.  It was because of this unfortunate series of events that I became curator of the repository for every event that has ever happened; every event big or small that has ever happened in the history of the universe.  I am in a difficult place right now the person that I loved deeper and more profoundly than anything in the universe including my own existence which in a way doesn’t make sense, because if I didn’t exist I never would have known and loved him, and he has passed away and yet because of him I have been given a gift above and beyond all other gifts that I could never have even conceived, let alone wished for.  Allow myself to try to explain what the Akashic library is.  The trinity of early philosophers Plato, Aristotle and Socrates spoke of the prime mover unmoved which was positive to solve the problem of infinite regress which is the problem of why the universe exists at all.   A teleology of causes, each cause having its own cause leading to infinite argument without solution as to our origins.  This same prime mover, in the form of God was later used to explain why human beings should have inalienable rights.
From your perspective time is linear and what you have experienced is know and in the past and what you haven’t experienced is unknown and in the future.
From my perspective, which is the perspective of the Akashic library, which is the perspective of the prime mover unmoved.  I am out of time, I am before time, I transcend time, from my perspective everything that ever happened in the universe is happening right now and with the mirror shifting of my attention I can experience it personally.  I have immediate access to every moment of time, to every moment of time, to every event that ever transpired and the laws that govern time do not bind me or even influence me.  I am free.
Much to my ecstatic pleasure as I made myself at home here I stumbled upon an Aetheriphone which is how I am communicating to you right now, but only truth seekers can tune into the Aetheriphone only lovers of wisdom that don’t mind having their decisions decimated-lovers of reality, of truth, of science, of relationship, of God.  I can only speak to the warrior kings and priests.  We call this the astral classroom.  The Aetheriphone radiates in energy known as orgon, which is the intelligent life energy that permeates everything and is the only reason why everything is the way it is.
Even now I feel bad for feeling good I feel like I should be mourning the loss of Shivastus Solomonicus.  The greatest guru the world has ever known.  He was a world teacher, a mahajagad guru.  He changed the course of evolution and touched every creature in the planet.  He saved the world from its own karma.  I feel an overwhelming sense of duty and responsibility.
But I cannot be untrue to the weight of the love and affection bestowed upon me by his inheritance.  I feel like the high priest of the cult of the augurs.  I feel like an aghori tzadic.  I felt like the eagle of Zeus possessing a perspective higher than others encompassing all others and under the auspices of wisdom and bound by the authority of reason.
I feel as though Lucifer had bade me partake of a pomegranate in the garden of Eden.  I felt like the statue of liberty had handed me her torch.  I felt like Prometheus had managed to give me the gift of fire as he was being picked apart by Zeus; Vamana only from such great sacrifice does such wisdom come.  I wish everyday that I was the one that made the sacrifice which brought the wisdom.
In your world and in my memory Frater SS is dead.
There is linear-ness to memory we remember life as sequences of events.  Frater S.S.’s death is very real to me, but from this new perspective time is an illusion and I realize that this reality is more real than that reality, and if a lonely old man daydreams to himself to distract himself from his solitude and misery.  If he tells himself stories, what is more real, the characters in the stories, or the lonely old man?  Aristotle said that the prime mover cannot act directly on the world.  He can affect the world through the holy spirit just as I cannot change history but I can advise and counsel all the truth seekers at any point in history and they can choose to act on it or not.  Those that can hear the still, small voice and recognize it as the voice of reason as god’s will and who act on it; those are the ones who save us from evil.  They are the Christ class- strong, smart, and spiritual, as was Shivastus Solomonicus.  It is disturbing that even though I have feelings of separation from Shivaji that I can be with my teacher every moment of his life and I can converse with him for 900 years he knew of me and I was only his student for his last fifty years.  I am not at teacher to Shivastus even in a mortal from he always was and I suspect , always will be wiser than I, but we have conversations.  I converse with him through all of his 999 years.  We have always been and always will be together, friends, philosophers, soul mates   One soul in two bodies.
Thank you for your forbearance of my reminiscence.  Consider it my Eulogy to those who knew me and to those that knew Shivastus.  Who can be present during the astral classes I bid you farewell for now.  Your fellow truth seeker and lover of wisdom.- Noah Socrates.

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