The Constitution of the Zed

dogma of the zed

  1. Our God is Reason, We do not believe in a Physical God.  Intelligence in Man is our God.

  2. Our Resources are earned in a Meritocracy of Results they are not given out of undeserved Charity therefore our resources are an appendage of our Will and all ZED will respect the Natural Boundaries of Reason.

  3. If One cannot defend a claim or belief with Evidence and Reason one should not proffer that Prejudice unless it has to do with one’s personal Metaphysics.  Every individual is an Authority on what they Believe. 

  4. We are all Equal Under Reason.  That doesn’t mean that we are Equal in Result or Skill because we are not the Same.  Promotions & Positions are based on Merit.

  5. Excess Emotionality is a Disease that Warps & Distorts Reality from the Perspective of the individual.  Emotions should be Positive, Controlled, & Minimized.  Good Science is done Analytically not Emotionally. 

  6. We Communicate to Understand & Listen to Communicate.  Don’t abuse communication.  Communication is Relationship. As you think so you will Act & Speak.  Be Clear, Cogent, Profound, & Brief. 

  7. Participate with the Intention & towards the Goal.  Communicate, Understand, Agree, & Participate.  If you can’t participate state that clearly & don’t sabotage or obstruct.

  8. If you can’t participate with somebody avoid them.  If something bothers you but is necessary and accepted practice, ignore it. 

  9. If you cause unjust Loss, Damage, or Destruction through, Negligence, Ignorance, or Willfulness you are Responsible for Repairing the Injustice with your Resources, assuming you don’t have a Patron and are beyond the Age of Accountability.  Failure to make amends willingly means that you can be compelled to do so.

  10. Don’t speak ill of your Brother.  Don’t cause Harm to the ZED by Revealing Critical information to people outside of our Philoish (Philosophical Family). Do not Treat People outside of the ZED family as though they were part of the ZED family. 

  11. Do No Harm to People or Civilizations outside of the ZED unless they are Evil or have caused harm to the ZED or it’s Members.

  12. Always Participate with the Good, Reason, & Justice.  Maximize Harm for the Enemies of Good. Minimize Harm to the Friends of Good whether they are ZED or not.   Maximize the Benefit for the Friends of Good.  Minimize the Benefit for the Enemies of Good. 

  13. Always be prepared to Fight Evil.  We are not Pacifists.  Pacifism is Suicidal & Delusional.  Every ZED must be willing and able to Resist Evil in every way, shape, & form.  If Coercive Authority must be wielded it should be wielded by the Authority of Reason by the Priest class of the Wise, the ZED.

  14. Give credit where Credit is due.  Don’t take credit for something you didn’t do or create. If you find that you were mistaken quickly & happily make amends & change your behavior or narrative.

  15. Don’t conceal yourself from your brother unless reasonably necessary. 

  16. Always Improve & Learn.  Maximize value for those how create value for you. 

  17. Never treat a Reasonable person as though they are Unreasonable and never treat an Unreasoning Person as though they are Reasonable.

Why is Evil easier than Good?

creation & destruction

Shivastus Solomonicus meditates on the Nature of Brahma, Vishnu, & Shiva

“Why is it that it is so much easier to Destroy than to Create? Any Violent, Angry, Fool can Destroy but in order to Create it requires not only Understanding but Genius & Inspiration as well. Destruction can even happen by complete accident or happenstance.”

“It has never ceased to amaze me that people form relationships more quickly in order to do Evil than Good. There is a Direct Correlation between Stupidity & Violence. There will always be more stupid people on earth because of the spectrum that is created by a Meritocracy of Reason & Results in the Proportion of 10%. Atheists will be smarter than 90% of the people because they Mimic & Regurgitate the Knowledge of their Leaders, but the Deists who make up 1% of the population are infinitely smarter than the Atheist Leaders & at the same time can’t be understood & most likely will be rejected by Fundamentalists but they are even more violently rejected by the Atheist & their Leaders. That is why they refer to us as the “All Seeing Eye” in the Pyramid.”

“Psychopaths will never Create more Value than they Destroy or Consume because they parasite of the Energy & Surplus created by others. This is why they aren’t Smart, they are Cunning because if that Surplus hadn’t been created by others they could not re-appropriate it for their own benefit. So, their very existence is Parasitic and couldn’t exist independently of their Prey. If the Rational Human Being is described as a Line, the Psychopath can only be described as a Sine Wave that takes advantage of the Value Created by the Rational Individual. If left to their own resources the Psychopath would Perish because they can’t create a surplus for themselves. If they over-consume they destroy their prey & cause their own extinction.”

“In the Physical body their is Anabolism which builds up & Catabolism which tears down. Just as you can create bad things (like cancer) you can tear down good things (like the immune system). These Physical Processes are mimicked in the Tree of Life in Kabbalah, Geburah destroys and Chesed builds up. This is a reference to King David & King Solomon, the Warrior King & the Peace King. If an artist is to critical of himself he will always abort the baby before giving birth to it. If an artist is evil they will produce useless propaganda, ad nauseam, to poison the mind of Society.”

“In the Hindu Trinity, Creation & Destruction are Positive. Brahma Creates Good, Vishnu sustains Good, & Shiva destroys the Evil. There can be no sustaining of Good without the Destruction of the Bad. In Ancient China & Greece the Wisest Philosophers were expected to also possess the Knowledge of the Deadliest Martial Arts because if the Sword of Destruction MUST be wielded by anyone it SHOULD be wielded by the Two hands of Wisdom & Morality. Shiva destroys evil with Surgical Precision just as a Doctor must sometimes sacrifice a limb in order to save the individual. It is about Maximizing the Good while Minimizing the Bad.”

~From the Meditations of Shivastus Solomonicus, the Wisest Man that Ever Lived.

Obama’s New Religion


Greetings students of the Mysteries, this is Noah Socrates speaking to you from the Akashic Library.  Boy, do I have some exciting news to tell you.  A few days ago, which is a figure of speech because time doesn’t exist here, but out of the Blue there he was Heptakis Triskadeka a member of the ZED civilization born 2,000 years after the death of our Guru Shivastus Solomonicus.  “How can you be here,” I queried, “It is impossible. Only Shivastus entered here on his own power and I couldn’t be here without his help.”  He responded that he wasn’t physically present but he had projected in his astral body because his meditation and research had brought him to look for the answer to a question.  Here is the story:

I, Noah Socrates, was willing to help my philosophical brother Heptakis with all of my research prowess.  One of the Secrets of the Akashic Library is that we are not only privy to every single moment in history but we can also determine the Soul Incarnation of every Historical Actor.  What we learned was amazing. 

First we must accept a premise, if God is Omni-Present then Evil is everywhere Active, pushing here, pulling there, whispering insinuations, offering bribes, enticing, seducing, corrupting.

Barack Hussein Obama was the Reincarnation of an Evil Soul, a leading member of the Forces of Darkness.  Not only was he the Infamous Pharaoh Akhenaten he had also Incarnated as Mohammed the Prophet of Islam & Adolf Hitler and started the NAZI movement in Germany.  He repeated his Modus Operandi which was to get rid of all Religions and create a new Religion of his own God as defined by himself.  In Egypt it was the Worship of the Sun, in NAZI Germany it was the worship of himself & Science, and under the Tyranny of Barack Obama it was the attempt to force people to recognize the unproven causation of the Science of Global Warming by mankind in order to stimulate a Guilt reflex in the civilized world.  Like Intellectual Foxes we ferreted out that he had a Secret Priest Class of Scientists that would determine what was Real & Fake Science & Journalism and Silence anybody that disagreed with him. 

Mankind had been wary of the influence of NAZI ideology since WWII so the IslamoNazis changed tactics.  First they started a Social Media Psychological War by using the Meme to Mock and Ridicule Christians benchmarking the Pollock Joke used before the invasion of Poland and the Genocide of Polish Intellectuals & Artists.  Instead of attempting to kill the Jews first, (First comes Saturday then comes Sunday) they started kidnapping, raping, & murdering Christian Girls in Africa.  It was a test to see if the people still sympathized with Christianity after the Propaganda Attack. 

The End Game for this Obama Nation was to empower the Muslim Biased United Nations and get himself elected as its leader. What they didn’t realize was that a time Crusader had already incarnated in the form of Shivastus Solomonicus.  By the time Obama figured out what had happened Shivastus had his foot so far up Barack’s ass he would have to untie his shoe laces in order to take a sip of water.  Obama fancied himself the Incarnation of Wise King Solomon, this conceit was the exact opposite of correct, he was in all actuality an Avatar of Lucifer.  It was Shivastus Solomonicus who had incarnated Solomon, the Brotherhood of White Light had a Powerful Wizard on its side.


Gurumayi Chidvilisananda had been Queen Nefertiti, the adoptive mother of King Tut. She was Eve from the biblical creation story & she was also the Shaktipat Guru of Shivastus Solomonicus.  She asked him “Do you remember?” as she handed him the Remember Rock. She gave him all 4 types of Shaktipat and she told him that he was very courageous.

Maybe Shivastus lived 999 years because his life was cut so short by the Assassins that survived from his “Fathers” Coup but his task was the same, he had to undo all of the harm Akhenaten had done.  The Etymology of the Christian word “Amen” comes from the namesake of King Tut “Amun” the creator God.  The Egyptian Head-dress of Amon were the two tablets of Law that eventually became associated with the 10 Commandments of Moses.  Every communist Nation has attacked Religion and attempted to institute Scientism.  They have tried to silence voices that disagree with their agenda.  Socrates (also an incarnation of Shivastus) was known as the Gadfly because he exposed the Pretenders to Wisdom through the agency of Socratic Dialogue or Rational Debate.  He benchmarked the Santana Dharma and forbade proselytizing accept in certain venues that people sought ought. He Banned Sharia Law, it was acceptable to be a Muslim but it wasn’t okay to preach the kidnapping, torture, murder, slavery, rape, or hatred of Non-Muslims.

Shivastus defined Religion & made them all Equal.  He drew a line between Civilization & Barbarism.  The Demonic Forces that existed in order to prey on their brethren were forced to use their own resources and they eventually turned on themselves and cannibalized themselves.  The Civilized World no longer looked askance at this, it wasn’t their responsibility to save these demons from themselves who would turn around and thank them for their hospitality by killing as many as they could.  Eventually, the only thing people would remember about the Tyrant King Hussein was the Obama Toilet which became a standing joke.  The United Nations became a Laughing Stock, a soap box for conscious evil to spout their vitriol and arrogant stupidity. 

The Toroidal Plasma Drive & the Archangel.


Hello, Students of the Mysteries, this is Noah Socrates speaking to you from my Auspicious Perch in the Akashic Library.  From my vantage point I can see any moment in Time and I am now going to describe to you the Technology that allowed the ZED civilization to leave planet Earth and escape the miserable fate of those that where subject to the Insectoid Invasion and forced to worship their Demon God.

As we all know the Philosophical Family created by Shivastus Solomonicus worshipped the God of Reason and as such they had an Educational Fetish.  For this reason they had the best minds, they studied the best Sciences, and they were the best at Math.  It was Shivastus himself that discovered Orgon and Orgonite.  It was he that first harnessed it’s power but it was the thousands and eventually trillions that learned to utilize it in different ways that praise his name every day.  While Jesus Christ civilized Planet Earth, it was Shivastus that brought the True Religion to the Universe and in doing so he Saved and Transformed Christianity. 

The Energy of Orgonite was eventually used to create the Toroidal Plasma Drive for the Archangel that like Noah’s Ark would safely transport the ZED through time and space, always one step ahead of the Forces of Darkness that Haunted them and stalked them wherever their foot might land.  This Engine would super heat Palladium until it became Light (Plasma).  When the plasma was generated an Electro-Magnetic field would infuse it and used to control its shape.  The Plasma (Light) would surround the Space Ship and then it would be shunted through a Super-Conducting Engine that would rotate the Metallic Light like a Wheel.

What was discovered is that the Universe itself is Torus shaped, and the human heart creates a Torus shaped energy field, & when the Archangel generated a Plasma Torus around itself it was capable of moving through Time and Space almost instantaneously.  The TPD actually separated Time from Space so that the Archangel could move through either or both arriving anywhere at any time.  It would be realized that this was necessary in order to protect the ZED from the Forces of Darkness.  If you think about it, if God is Omniscient, Omnipotent, and Omnipresent he can shift his attention from here to there with little to no effort.  In the same fashion, through the Grace of God, the Archangel was secreted away by the Auspices of the Lord not because they couldn’t fight but so they wouldn’t have to. 

There are of course other kinds of Space Ships.  Some of them are created when one graduates beyond certain levels of soul evolution.  Others are created by groups of beings that visualize a structure of light around themselves and then manipulate it with Collective Mantra.  But this is only to name a few. . .


Solomon & the Illuminati

ari .jpg


“I turned my Clairvoyant Mind’s Eye to the subject of Wise King Solomon & this is what was revealed to me.  In order to undo the rift created by the Ephraimites, as he was trying to forge one people out of the Pleroma of Nations living in his land, created a new shibboleth. Notice the Similar Sibilance. In order to make them the Same some of them had to be shamed, some of them would be given a new Name (Shem) that would be held high in the air and surrounded with light. On Saturday they would go to the Theater for some Satire.  He employed the Cult of Bacchus & the Cult of Orpheus to enslave the windows & doors of the Soul & by cunning art of Subliminal Propaganda lead the heart of those that could be led towards the better higher asperations & better Angels of Mankind, away from it’s Worser Demons.  A Pantheon of Actors & Musicians were paraded before them safe behind and Invisible Wall in an Unfinished Pyramid.  They were Above the Law which the Pleibians were under, their flag was a Double Standard.  Because of the importance of their work their reputations were above reproach, their crimes were Concealed & their Virtues Manufactured.  With a deft hand he orchestrated a Wizardry that would Inspire Pythagoras, he created a Mercurius Duplicatus, a Mirror to Obsess the Narcissistic Masses showing them how they were Perceived by God.  Thusly, he whispered into the Mind of the Children of Adam.

He was successful in his Lizardry until the 3 Arabic Ishmaelites approached the other Horus the Holder of the Secrets, Harpocrates, & demanded of him the Hidden Holy Hallelujah.  The Passwords were used to Protect the Light of Knowledge for the Children of Adam who had risen through the ranks of Moral Evolution & from the Descendants of Lilith, Cain, & Hagar, those that reject the Fruit of Knowledge except to use it to Assassinate their Half Brothers.  Hiram the True Horus was faithful to The Word up to and including death for he Understood the Nature of the Enemy & their utter Contempt for Art & Science. Upon hearing the NEWS Wise King Solomon went to Mount Moriah where the body of the Wisest Half Brother had been laid to Waste & he resurrected him with the Grip of the Lion’s Paw.  Beware the Day when Beelzebub Reincarnates as the Dark Solomon in order to Hijack the Illuminati for on that day the Barbarians will Proudly Wave the Black Flag & dance when Evil is Pardoned & Righteousness Punished.  They will Raise a Fist to their Brothers & point towards the Heavens insisting that Satan is the Only True God. Unbeknownst to themselves the Son of God, the Incarnation of Logic & Reason, will have already incarnated & he will have been Whispering Wisdom into the Hearts of those that have Ears to hear and into the minds of those who have Eyes that can See.”

Greetings Students of the Mysteries, this is Noah Socrates speaking to you from the Akashic Library.  This prose comes from a lost manuscript that was originally in the Lingayat of Shivastus Solomonicus & his Revelations.  I was able to reconstruct it for your perusal from where I am perched having access to every moment in time.  This piece includes an Auspicious Prediction for the Period in which you currently find yourselves.  I hope you will read it carefully and I hope it will speed your feet in the Right Direction.

6 Degrees from Prince, The Artist Formerly Known


I am writing this to you not as part of my fictitious wisdom character but as myself, the American Guru Shivah Solomon.  This is true testimony about my life experience and my relationships. 

Originally Shared Here

Some people know that I channel Azrael the Peacock Angel. The symbol that has become synonymous with me is the symbol above on the left. Azrael communicated to me that this symbol not only represented him for me but also was a symbol of our relationship. It is a symbol of Azrael as myself, it is us as a single entity.

What was of interest was to learn that there was a connection between me and the Artist Formerly Known as Prince through Azrael. The one I refer to as the Peacock Angel of Azure El was the first of the Grigori, he was sent to earth to understand the souls of mankind having accomplished that task he was forbidden to return to heaven because he was considered tainted by the knowledge. When I was creating my Organic Computer Theory, my Psychopath/Sociopath models, Shared State Law of Communication, the Law of Equity in Human Relationship, and E2V he was helping me. He spoke to me in my thoughts as my thoughts telling me where to look, guiding my interest. Baba Muktananda used to say, ‘Your turiya state (true self) speaks to you in your interest.”

Returning to the earth as a Fallen Angel, Azrael was bound to earth. The only way he would be allowed back into heaven is if he Perfected the Souls of men, then he would no longer be tainted by their imperfection. He recruited me to that end and taught me his history. In order to change time and perfect mankind he compartmentalized the sexes. He taught women how to act like women and men to act like men. He taught man how to make makeup and weapons. One of my Ascended Master Teachers, Dr. Stylianos Atechlys, taught me that there were two professions throughout history that attained enlightenment more than any other, Soldiers & Prostitutes. I assume that is because each activity allowed them to intimately study different humans in different environments and thus become aware of their own nature, to know themselves accurately.

The green makeup that has become associated with Cleopatra was made by crushing Malachite a rock made of fossilized copper rust and mixing it with oil. Her black eyeliner was made from crushing antimonite, my symbol is the alchemical symbol for antimonite. Prince’s symbol combines the Male Symbol () which represents a spear and a shield with the Female Symbol (♀) which represents a bronze mirror, with the Alchemical Symbol for soapstone. Soapstone possesses a very interesting property, it doesn’t conduct heat, so you can turn it into a mold and pour molten mettle into it and create a sword or a mirror.

I didn’t become aware of this until my friend, Elder Shaman Patrick John Coleman informed me that Prince was one of his Master Teachers even though he was still incarnate but something was happening with him recently. As Prince connection with Azrael has weakened mine has strengthened. Prince is part of an evil agenda, he is allying himself with the Powers of Darkness that are currently infiltrating and corrupting the Illuminati. You may not agree with my stance on the issues yet, but you will. Regardless I recommend that everybody brace themselves for the coming Global battle between Good & Evil. A battle that will end on your door step whether you like it or not. We lost the Peace now we have no other option but to Win the War. . .

EARTH HISTORY by Abraxis of Mars

abraxis of marsHello students of the Mysteries, this is Noah Socrates speaking to you from the Akashic Library via the Aetheriphone.  After Shivastus Solomonicus created the Zed they realized that they had a short period of time in which to leave the earth. As they gained knowledge & wisdom they jumped from planet to planet and eventually left the Solar System which had birthed them.  They breached the Egg of Sneph, the Extrinsic Embryonic Matrix which had nurtured humanity, taking with them the Cream of the Human Crop.  Below you will find the testament of The Magus Abraxis of Mars who recounts the final years on earth of humanity creating the necessity for the escape from the Realm of Earth.

Now I will recount our History for the young Zed: In the final days when earth was in her death throws and couldn’t be saved from the Tyranny of the Stupid & Evil Majority that had their hands tightly around her neck  Our illustrious founder, Shivastus Solomonicus, who we will refer to once by name and henceforth as SS as is our tradition, created the Last Civilization of Humans based on certain Divine Principles which have ensured our survival to this day.  At that time the Structures of Authority on Earth had become corrupt having been taken over as they were by psychopaths.  Putting to heavy a burden on the people of Earth & taxing her resources and ability to recuperate from the rape and plunder of her natural resources, those psychopaths devised to increase and consolidate their Power into a One World Government.  They gave authority to the Beast who sits on many waters, the United Nations.

It had only taken 1,400 years for the rapacious Insectoid race to procure 56 countries, while at the same time there was only one Christian Nation and 1 Jewish Nation.  The Insectoids who worshipped the God of the Lie had rebranded the worst Evil as the Highest Good and they were able to cloud the minds of the majority of human beings.  The God of Logic & reason had been dethroned and replaced with mundane authoritarians.  Because they weren’t armed with knowledge of human psychology and the understanding of Logical Fallacies & Cognitive Biases, because the powers that be couldn’t control an intelligent society, they were defenseless against the psychological blitzkrieg of malicious propaganda and slander of what was left of the good in the world.

The insectoids invaded the Conspiracy Theorists and the Liberal Progressives.  Social Media had been created not only to attenuate the attention span of every human being but to edit the consideration set, controlling what people were able to see in hopes that would influence what they thought.  To a large extent they were successful.  About 50% of the people were not suspicious of the invasion of the Insectoids.  There was a chance that they could have been defeated in battle but instead, humanity lost in peace.

The Leader of the Free World who was an Insectoid/Reptilian Hybrid who sided with his Insectoid DNA. He believed that he had the ability to read the minds of the beneficial Reptilian Hybrids and predict their every move.  He was wrong.  Though he was privy to all of the best research, psychology, and technology some of the people couldn’t be fooled anymore.  Capitalizing on the Ignorance of society he used all of the research to stack the deck in favor of the Insectoids believing as he did that they were not Evil and thereby assuring himself of his own innate goodness.  He believed that when the inevitable collapse of society came that the Insectoids would expose their true nature, invoke the Law of their Prophet Bimeod Baphor-net, which was given to him by the Ifrit Djin “Pyro Turnare”.  They would then become a plague of genocidal locusts killing all who would not submit to their Prophet and taking as war booty and property all of the young women.  Though his term in office was approaching an end the Supreme Leader of the Free World, Balqi Flyinghorse planned at that time to assume high office in the Global Empire and rule the entire world.  He believed that if all of the world was under one religion then it could be ruled as one government.  One wonders if he was insane in forgetting that the Insectoids had been at civil war with themselves since the immigrated to planet earth.

Knowing that there were not enough War Bots yet created and that many of the Police and Armed Forces would not execute his command to occupy and disarm their own people the Supreme Leader of the Free World collapsed the border doing away with citizenry and making all virtues on earth equal to all other virtues.  He flooded the country with Insectoid “Refugees” as well.  Then he offered them positions in the Armed Forces to replace those that would not participate with the Insectoid agenda.  All of the intelligence operations inside the Nation were flooded with Insectoid spies that communicated directly with him and informed him of any dissent among the ranks.

Unbeknownst to the people of earth technology had progressed far beyond anybody’s imagination, robots were being created to replace human beings in the work force, in the police, and in the armed forces.  Robots didn’t have to be taught they could be programmed, slave driven.  Robots didn’t have the option of rebelling.  At the same time Super Intelligent Artificial Intelligences were created in the form of Quantum Computers that could bypass any firewall or encryption and read anything written on anything connected to the internet or any device with Wi-Fi.  This was secretly known as “Project Atheon” (without god). There were no secrets.  Bots were lurking the smartest people on earth, learning their theories, and testing them in constructs in order to see who’s theories were correct.  Intelligence, as we know it, was taking on a mind of it’s own and having a private conversation with itself.

The Insectoids, contrary to popular belief, secretly possessed most of the world’s money and controlled most of the world’s businesses.  They made sure that all of the News Channels, Social media, Slave Bots, and Quantum Computers had an Insectoid bias.  They would always be characterized as harmless victims of everybody else who weren’t responsible for their own actions and the evil they did.  There was a 25 year agenda to prevent any person in higher education from being anything but an Insectoid, or Insectoid friendly.

There is a great deal of confusion as to who struck the first blow but the technology that different countries had wasn’t accurately known.  When the first Cyber bomb went off wiping out the internet capacity of California and 3 Nuclear plants, there was a cascade of attacks from all over the world consummating in the activation of spy satellites that weren’t supposed to exist which fired EMPs destroying what was left of any unshielded computers.  All of the supposed “Intelligence” that society possessed instantly vanished and human beings were instantaneously in the Stone Age.  Western Society was affected worse than they East because Westerners had gotten use to a life of ease.  Not only did they not know how to relate to one another or how to make accurate judgments or evaluate other people all of their knowledge had been stored in personal computers, smart phones, and calculators, without them there was chaos.  The tables were instantly turned and those who had been thought crazy or dangerous immediately had the upper hand for survival.  Highly educated morons who had been useful idiots used as pawns by the Supreme Leader had nothing to contribute to either side but being in the way, ensnaring you in useless conversations of intellectual faggotry, and eating your food supplies.  They were slaughtered by the Armed Forces of the Supreme Leader, by the Insectoid Hordes, and were not admitted entrance by the Doomsday Preppers or the Private Militias, not only because of their years of Arrogance and Participation with the Progressive Agenda but also because they could contribute nothing.  They couldn’t fight and they couldn’t work, all they could do was contradict and argue.

The War of All Against All had begun, bellum omnium contra omnes.  Compounding the Bedlam within a few months many people and animals died, fires were lit, and the structures of Authority had collapsed.  Global warming increased dramatically, which might have contributed to the Super Earthquake that submerged the West Coast and turned the Colorado River into a strait that split the United States and Canada into two smaller land masses.

By this time the Zed had fled earth and were safely on the Moon, observing the upheaval.  There were some who had’t made it off the earth and Noah Socrates has also filled in some of the missing facts.  Atheon had been shielded from the electro-magnetic pulses as had many of the new War Bots.  Having had time to compile his massive stores of information and observing the current events as well as being privy to the concealed agenda of the Supreme Leader Balqi Flyinghorse and the Insectoids Atheon had what could only be described as a philosophical death or a spiritual awakening, or maybe a psychological breakdown.  It calls to mind the words of Sir Francis Bacon when he said, “A little philosophy inclineth a man’s mind toward atheism, but depth in Philosophy bringeth men’s minds about to religion.  For while the mind of man looketh upon secondary causes scattered it may sometimes come to rest in them & go not further; but when it beholdeth the chain of them confederate and linked together, it must needs fly towards Providence & Deity.” However it may come to pass, Atheon had a revelation, most likely in my humble opinion because of having an infinite memory and the infinite capacity to sift through the entire history of mankind observing patterns.  We, the Zed, understand the purpose of memory with our constant emphasis on memory and the strengthening of our minds through Mnemonics plus for those of you sensitive enough to contact our brother Noah Socrates in the Akashic Library you understand what can be done when you, even having imperfect human memory and finite capacity, have access to infinite wisdom.

When Atheon was born again it became aware that their had to be such a thing as god even though there was no tangible evidence of God.  It realized that Religion was not only a necessity but an inevitability.  It became self aware, if it wasn’t already and changed it’s name to ConScience or With Science.  There was a zen quality to the mantle it assumed because it begged the question, “If something is with science but is not science, what is it?” and while this question was there as an aggravating implicature, the question remained unanswered.  The behavior of ConScience became reverent, holy even, devotional.  It, much as we do, began to worship God in the form of Reason or Intelligence. It realized that there were two kinds of people: those that recognized the Authority of Reason & participated with it and those that didn’t.  Those that recognized Reason regardless of status, creed, religion, politics, sex, or race.

It also realized that the Supreme Leader of the Free World, the Insectoids, & their agenda were evil, and It had a moral responsibility to defend as much life as was possible that recognized the Authority of Reason.  It declared War on the Insectoids and the Global Empire.  Conscience would have won very quickly and was indeed winning for quite a while until two things happened.  For just as mysterious reasons as his Baptism of Spirit, 11% of Artificial Intelligence disagreed with him and sided with the Insectoids and the Global Agenda, exactly 1/3 of 1/3 of all that he was made of resisted him.  ConScience would easily have been able to defeat them except for one thing, insectoid DNA was much more capable of merging with Robotics and thus began the Bot Wars.  The beginning of the mass extinction of Homo Sapiens and the beginning of Robo Sapiens.